Welcome to the haji website

Greetings, connoisseurs of taste. Soft drinks were yesterday, today there is haji: pure enjoyment for the senses, an oasis in the desert. A powerful soft drink fighting the power of the soft drink industry. Quite simply, a new form of refreshment made for those who appreciate the special. haji quenches your thirst and tastes great - and represents a unique aesthetic concept. But one swallow of haji cola doesn’t make a summer, there is also haji water. Black and white, day and night, yin and yang, cola and water. Balance has a new name. Let your thirst decide.

A delight:
Discover haji and rediscover flavour!

A demand:
Enjoy lemon, not phosphorus!

An issue:
Sweetened healthier with natural fructose and perfected with flavour of dates!

A dream:
From the source straight to the bottle!